Intro to GIS and Spatial Analysis – M. Gimond

2021 Excellent introduction book for GIS/ Spatial analysis in R And free! This book is an introduction to GIS and spatial analyses in general, with applications in R. It is proposed as a free online book (no pdf or hardcopy). It is composed of two parts: First a presentation of the concepts, with veryContinue reading “Intro to GIS and Spatial Analysis – M. Gimond”

ggplot2 – H. Wickham

2009 (1st Ed.) Good book for beginners with ggplot2 Though, Go for the second Edition! This book is about making plots with the ggplot2 library. It assumes some knowledge of R but does not target experienced users. It is now a bit outdated but still worth reading if you are a beginner with ggplot. TheContinue reading “ggplot2 – H. Wickham”

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